Siarra Unleashed: Thoughts on a Plane

Fast paced days and high energy.

That’s how I would describe my life these days. In an attempt to slow down and really enjoy my journey, I’ve traded my Portland hustle and bustle for some alone time in NYC. The crowded city is full of vacant eyes and people who are constantly colliding with one another. There are animals and machines and things that tower above my head. There’s no way to see it all and I feel small. But that’s the point all along. I want to know the world is bigger than the walls I’ve built around myself. I feel myself sitting alone in a crowded room wondering how to find connection in such a big world. Maybe it’s okay to be lonely and connect to my own heart.

Maybe I need to evaluate who helps me be the best me I can be. And maybe I need to figure out how to help myself be my best self, too.

Well, here it goes…

With small tears welled up, here I sit.

My anticipation is more than simply palpable… it’s got an electric hum all its own, all my own. This is more than helping a nation (that I adore). This is to show myself that I can do things I dream of. I grew up hearing Alice’s words, Sometimes I believe as many as three impossible things before breakfast. Today my impossible thought has proven to be a feat within my realm of abilities and capabilities.

Can’t turn back now.

Israel, I’m coming for you. Onward and upwards.


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