Resume July 2016

I have overwhelming passion for media communication so I was very excited to see job listings on your website.

When I was four years old my mother signed me up for a traveling performance group. One of my favorite places to perform was on the Clark County Fair’s Radio Disney and Columbian sponsored stages. I eventually became a solo act and performed for over a decade. I took my passion to Clark College where I studied communication and public speaking after receiving numerous student marketing awards in high school through DECA, a marketing and business club. I also took courses in media during college and eventually began studying advanced media communication at the number one broadcast media university in the nation: Brigham Young University in Provo, UT.

While at BYU I interned with BYUtv Corporate Support, collaborating closely with the president and vice-president of the department. My internship team developed a survey and we analyzed the thousands of responses to provide insight into the marketing preferences of BYUtv viewers. We used our collected data to identify 100 companies with commercials ready to go that would follow BYUtv not-for-profit guidelines. We presented our findings to a panel of BYU faculty and department heads. Our research earned BYUtv tens of thousands of dollars from the resulting outreach to those 100 companies and I still feel a surge of accomplishment at doing my part as an intern.

I also worked for BYUtv as a Marketing Agent for the Membership department. I contacted patrons of BYUtv and assisted with marketing outreach calls. I was the lead fundraising agent for five months.

I have aced courses in business communication, journalism, digital media, marketing, public relations, advanced writing, photography, public speaking, small group communication and more.

I am confident that I can add to the workplace. Please contact me at (360)721-5766 or


Siarra O. Nielsen

S. Nielsen resume 7.2016


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