Honoring Women Event at Fred Meyer


mary kay logo 

Siarra Nielsen

Independent Beauty Consultant

6813 SW Wilsonville Rd. 67

Wilsonville, OR 97070


January 5, 2016


Fred Meyer

30300 SW Boones Ferry Road

Wilsonville, OR 97070


Dear Managers:

RE: Honoring women patrons

Since moving to Wilsonville, I’ve found that your Fred Meyer location makes for easy shopping. I’ve been a patron of your store since day one. I can only imagine that many other people in Wilsonville feel the same way as I see you store is very busy. I’m writing to ask permission to host a Mary Kay Honoring Women Patrons event outside near the exit door.

My plan is to hand out flowers to women who sign up for complimentary facials as they exit the store. I feel that this will encourage women to return to Fred Meyer, feeling like they have had a wonderful experience.

I am a college student at Clackamas Community College where I study communications and biology. I know that I can appropriately represent Mary Kay and be a positive and uplifting voice to our community of shoppers at your Fred Meyer.

Please allow me this opportunity to further my business and honor women patrons of your store.


Siarra Nielsen


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