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Dog Treats

5 cups whole wheat flour

1 t. honey

1/2 cup applesauce

1/2 cup pumpkin puree

1/2 cup olive oil

1 cup water

3 eggs

some peanut butter


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Mix all ingredients except flour and peanut butter
  3. Slowly add flour
  4. Divide into 3 equal pieces for 3 batches (I usually bake 1 batch at a time and freeze the other 2 for later)
  5. Roll out till about 1/4″ thick and use a cookie cutter to make desired shapes
  6. Bake for 30 minutes until hard
  7. When completely cooled, you can put a layer of peanut butter on the top if you wish (I usually don’t because the dogs don’t want to wait)
  8. 1.30.16 dog biscuits



Be a Coach First, Boss Second

The most important thing you can do for your team is to help them find meaning in their work. That means sitting down with each member one on one and finding out what matters to him or her.

When I think of a coach, I think of a role model saying,

“You can do it!”

“I believe in you.”

These are things a coach tells his or her players. Be a coach first, and a boss second.

-Teach by example.

-Lead the way for your team to follow.

-Be uplifting.


How to Break Trust at Work


Step 1. Keep your door closed. If you’re a boss, keep your door open -literally-. This helps create the image that you’re available to listen when you’re needed.

Step 2. Micromanage. I once had a boss who told me that my work pants were too long and needed to be hemmed an inch. I couldn’t believe that something so small could be such a problem to another person. It made me resent my boss when we should have be able to get along.

Step 3. Hold information back from your team. People can tell when secrets are being kept; be forthcoming with information when necessary.

How to Develop Trust with Coworkers

Trust is number one in the workplace. To have a prosperous work environment, trust must be established.

First, let’s define trust.

The dictionary defines trust as, “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.”

Step 1. Be the kind of person who others can have a firm belief in your reliability, truth, ability and strength. Be trustworthy and convey honest sentiments to your coworkers.

Step 2. Trust others around you. Expect others to be honest.

Step 3. Be open with information that is relevant. Make friends and share stories.

Step 4. Communicate and be direct when needed. Go directly to the source and address all topics respectfully.

In the end, the way you establish trust at work is to be honest yourself, the rest will follow.


How to Keep Your Small Business Chugging Along

local-businessI’ve been researching the most effective ways to keep my small business afloat. Some common trends I’ve been seeing include these tips:

Keep a blog. Keep your followers in the loop, remind them why they come to you.

Remember why you started your business. Always keep the reason you started in mind.

Make SMART goals. Specific, Measureable, Achieveable, Realistic, Time-based.

-Network. Join your local Chamber of Commerce or another group and just talk. You can do it.

-Make a website and use several social media platforms. Don’t try and use all the social media networks, just two or so that you’re familiar with.

I hope this helps you with your endeavors.



Honoring Women Event at Fred Meyer


mary kay logo 

Siarra Nielsen

Independent Beauty Consultant

6813 SW Wilsonville Rd. 67

Wilsonville, OR 97070


January 5, 2016


Fred Meyer

30300 SW Boones Ferry Road

Wilsonville, OR 97070


Dear Managers:

RE: Honoring women patrons

Since moving to Wilsonville, I’ve found that your Fred Meyer location makes for easy shopping. I’ve been a patron of your store since day one. I can only imagine that many other people in Wilsonville feel the same way as I see you store is very busy. I’m writing to ask permission to host a Mary Kay Honoring Women Patrons event outside near the exit door.

My plan is to hand out flowers to women who sign up for complimentary facials as they exit the store. I feel that this will encourage women to return to Fred Meyer, feeling like they have had a wonderful experience.

I am a college student at Clackamas Community College where I study communications and biology. I know that I can appropriately represent Mary Kay and be a positive and uplifting voice to our community of shoppers at your Fred Meyer.

Please allow me this opportunity to further my business and honor women patrons of your store.


Siarra Nielsen