Photojournalism Final

I created a photo story that shows the life of my husband, a student engineer. My pictures are in a specific order and they start by showing my husband as a student and employee first. As this project developed, I noticed little things about my husband’s day to day life that I hadn’t noticed before. I began to see little acts of love… from using my homemade ceramics that I crafted as a child to celebrating the accomplishments of our friends over dinners. Even though Jesse may spend the majority of his time enthralled in his work, I’m still a part of it. And as you can see, he is a part of my work too.

20151204 Siarra Nielsen Final 01

Jesse Nielsen, student engineer, can be seen through the reflection of his equipment on Nov. 29, 2015. Nielsen spends countless hours in school and at Intel where he works in a lab.

20151129 SiarraNielsen Engineer105

Nielsen calls for his wife to follow him on an adventure as he moves from one engineering class to another. He enjoys being followed around for pictures.

20151129 SiarraNielsen Engineer115

As you can see from the mud on his boots and the level of difficulty of the book in his hands, Nielsen works hard. He uses the outside light to help him stay awake while he studies during the day.

20151129 SiarraNielsen Engineer116

As the newest Intel employee, set to start Jan. 4, 2016, Nielsen looks toward the future toward the light.

20151204 Siarra Nielsen Final 05

Oregon Tech’s Wilsonville, OR satellite campus offers many educational opportunities to its students, including Nielsen.

20151129 SiarraNielsen Engineer011

Nielsen contemplates possible meanings to difficult text as he studies Laser Electronics around midnight on a school night.

20151204 Siarra Nielsen Final 07.jpg

Nielsen has many resources available at his disposal when he enters his Oregon Tech classroom in Wilsonville, OR. Featured here are cords and electronics used to assemble various devices.

20151204 Siarra Nielsen Final 08.jpg

Nielsen works in his stocking feet when he is in the comfort of his own home. This image shows how his life is bursting to spill over into his work.

20151204 Siarra Nielsen Final 09

On the evening of Nov. 30 2015, Nielsen relaxes at home with his black lab puppy Gotham, who is dressed up for the Christmas season.

20151204 Siarra Nielsen Final 10.jpg

A final image to show Nielsen as a regular guy who plays video games at home. Even when he’s relaxing, he’s working with electronics. This picture also shows that Nielsen values family and love.


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