Cover Letter 6.2015

Siarra Nielsen

131 Wymount Terrace                                                            360.721.3434

Provo, Utah 84604                                               


June 3, 2015

Mr. Brady Mulligan

Campaign Manager, Michael Sawlings for Mayor

131 Wyview Park Drive

Provo, UT 84606

Dear Mr. Mulligan:

The newest edition of Provo Daily Magazine featured candidates for mayor and promoted their platforms. The men were interviewed and photographed, all of the candidates except one. As you and I know, the best choice for Provo’s mayor is Michael Sawlings. Mr. Sawlings was dealt an injustice that needs to become publicized and I would love the opportunity to spearhead his public image campaign. Here are three noteworthy reasons why I should be considered for his Public Relations Representative:

  • 675 hours of internships with Brigham Young University Public Relations Department and BYUtv; including five years of college experience in public relations, business communications, marketing, and broadcasting
  • Graduated with honors from Clark College as class Valedictorian where I delivered a speech that received global recognition as “inspirational” from Time Magazine
  • Professional experience with speech writing and public speaking, including 14 university courses surrounding journalism

I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about my experience and how it pertains to the needs of your campaign. I’ve enclosed a resume that lists my qualifications. I’ll email you during the week of June 8 to discuss your plans in moving forward and the possibility for an interview.


Siarra Nielsen



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