Siarra Burning

When the urge to write hits you, it’s hard to ignore.

I feel inspired to write today after hearing a lecture on Baghdad.

I’ve been reading Baghdad Burning by Riverbend. I would strongly recommend it. 

A little background on me:

-I surround myself with both of my cultures: the LDS and the Jewish cultures

-I’m a conservative, meaning I’ve always sided with Bush concerning the war in Iraq

Needless to say, this book has been a hard pill to swallow. But, it’s given me the gift of growth.

I’ve always believed that this journey is about growing into the person you most admire.

I admire intellectuals.

I admire beauty.

I admire Christ.

These are the things I admire and aspire to. My journey is happening now and I strongly feel that moving forward will help shape me. 

It’s time to get up and grow.

9.10- growth quote



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