Are You a Hungry Penguin?

Rough Draft for Clark College’s The Independent, November 2013:

“When is the culinary program going to reopen?”

Every day people ask the food cashier, Linda Czech, about the remodel. “It’s still incomplete,” has been her response since spring when the culinary program closed.

The culinary program will reopen after its current students graduate, the remodeling is finished, and new curriculum is created, according to the Administrative Secretary for the baking department, Vicki Cheng, and the Director of Baking, Ian Titterton.

The bakery will also be remodeled “eventually,” according to an Instructional Technician in the bakery, Cindy Magallanes.

The culinary program is rumored to “be closed for a year or two,” according to Angela Williams, the iQ Credit Union Officer on campus. “They’re keeping it pretty vague.”

As potential patrons of the redesigned food program, Williams and Clark student, Ryan Cunningham, hope for healthier and fresher options including a salad bar.

Step 1: When will current culinary students graduate?

“They have to teach out the culinary students before they can start remodeling,” Cheng said.

The culinary students still attend classes according to Titterman. Even though culinary students don’t sell their food in the cafeteria, they still prepare food for the restaurant, themselves, and the baking students.

He also said, “After next quarter” the students will graduate and the entire program will change.

Step 2: When will the remodeling be finished?

“I don’t know that anyone has the answer to [when the remodeling will be finished],” Cheng said. “Call the dean.”

The Dean of Workforce, Career and Technical Education, Genevieve Howard, said, “We do not know [when the culinary program will reopen]. We’re working with a consultant… [The reopening date] depends on renovation.”

According to Titterman, the redesign includes updating the whole cafeteria and “not just behind the scenes.”

“Enough people are excited about this that I’m confident it will happen… One thing I can tell you is that [the program] will continue.”

However, nobody knows the exact date that the culinary program will reopen so many hungry Penguins have been buying food at the bakery.

Foot traffic has more than doubled at the bakery according to Czech and Magallanes. When the bakery closes for remodel, Penguins will need to find a new place to eat.

Step 3: When will the curriculum be created?

The curriculum is contingent on the renovation according to Titterton.

Howard said they plan to hire two new Baking Directors and a new staff member for the culinary program. All three will be “tenured positions” and full time.

Titterman said the new directors will help with the restructure and remodel of the food program once he retires this spring.

The first Baking Director will begin fall 2014 and the second will start fall 2015 according to Howard.

Titterman said, “The whole curriculum needs to be rewritten… They can’t really do that until we know… the budget and square footage.”

“The culinary and baking departments are really in dire need of improvements and it’s been that way for many years… It’s something I’ve wanted to see since I’ve been here.”

And that is something hungry Penguins everywhere can agree with.


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