Digital Photography: Alec Soth: Broken Manual Collection

I chose this photograph because I like the personality of the cave. I recently discovered a similar looking cave with my friend over the weekend so this picture speaks to me. I wonder where this photo was taken. Alec Soth is from Minnesota, so I’m assuming that’s where this cave is, though I’m not sure.

Alec Soth has a funny sense of humor and it really shines on his webpage: “Alex Soth, rhymes with ‘both.'” It must be a Minnesota thing. 

I think Soth used a low light setting and turned the photo black and white with editing software. I don’t think the rocks were really that gray in real life. I would imagine that he used a landscape setting to capture the vastness of the cave. You can tell that Soth used a deep depth of field because you can see the different levels of the cave’s depths. The focus is sharp throughout the entire photograph, even though the darkness seems to blanket the top and middle of the scene. 

I think that the black and white editing, as well as the dark= black editing, enhances the photograph because it makes the otherwise boring cave look otherworldly. 

I think Soth used the vantage point that he did because it shows  the entrance leading to the big cavity in the cave and the cave’s depths.

The message that I grasp from Soth’s cave photograph is that there is more to everything than just what meets the eye. I get a sense of exploration from this picture. It’s not just about the beauty of the cave; it’s about the sense of adventure and discovery that really sets this cave apart.  



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