Analyzing Jeff Rich- Digital Photo

jeff rich image


This picture reminds me of my neighbor’s yard. My neighbor has a rusty red wheelbarrow resting in the midst of his green bushes for the entire neighborhood to see, similar to the setting of this photograph. I really like the way that Jeff Rich captures many different elements. He captures the foreground and the background all while focusing on the wheelbarrow, the bridge, and the greenery.

The photograph balances the use of man-made and natural elements that contribute to the photograph’s construction because it shows that the world is made of man-made objects in the midst of nature. It looks like the photograph was made by staging objects as if in a scene. You can tell that the photographer used a deep focus because the all of the objects are sharp. For the same reason, you can also tell that the photograph was taken digitally. I think that Rich used Photoshop to darken the shadowed areas. The photograph was taken in, what looks to be, natural lighting because the scene is set outside. I think that the photograph was taken using a fast shutter speed because there is no visible movement and movement is sort of inevitable when you’re outside.

I think it was a good idea to use Photoshop because there is more light and more of an airy feel to the picture. Lots of light and air make for a broader focus when the photo is of the outdoors. Another tactic that Rich uses to enhance the focus of the photograph is the way he emphasizes line structure. The way that the line of the road reaches up to the leg of the bridge draws your eye upward and around. Still considering the way the photograph focuses the viewers’ attention on many aspects, I’m drawn to the specific vantage point that Rich used. He didn’t shoot straight at the wheelbarrow. Instead, Rich focused from a higher ground, looking at a downward angle toward the wheelbarrow to emphasize the fact that the wheelbarrow was on the ground and the bridge was in the sky. He made the bridge look very tall.

I believe Rich’s intended meaning was to convey a sense of a larger world beyond that of a tiny wheelbarrow. I would imagine that the garden is like my individual life and to expand on that thought, I am the wheelbarrow: hard working, albeit small. The bridge in the sky is the outside world: large and looming over my life, also affecting my growth by blocking the sun. I certainly see a story forming as I follow along this train of thought and I could go all day… Expect I still need to comment on other students’ blogs!

Jeff Rich’s photograph: Untitled

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