Admissions Essay #3: Why BYU?

Prompt: Many students apply to more than one church school. What will determine which you attend? Please be specific. (250 words maximum)

Essay: I have applied to one university and one university only. I want to attend BYU Provo because I want to become a broadcast journalist rooted in ethics. I have heard that BYU Provo has one of the best broadcast journalism programs in the nation. I want to participate in sharing the news through Eleven News for BYU students. Whenever I imagine attending BYU Provo, my heart just sings. I know it’s where I’m supposed to be. I want to go into a difficult field, and I know that BYU will equip me with the necessary skills to be an honest and moral broadcast journalist.

Another reason that I want to attend BYU Provo is because my husband is studying to become a mechanical engineer and loves the program that BYU offers. BYU Provo offers the programs that both my husband and I need to take and will surround our family with the spirit. We are both ecstatic just thinking about BYU Provo!


2 thoughts on “Admissions Essay #3: Why BYU?

  1. I’d really like to hear more why’s. WHY are the programs some of the best in the nation. What specifically do the programs offer that makes them unique? And you should state these praises as facts. Not “I have heard” but “it IS.”

    Minor detail, but most journalists would say “ethical” instead of “moral.”

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