Conference with Lindsay Yesterday

I was terrified to go to the conference with Lindsay last night!

When I met with Lindsay she had an ENTIRE TYPED PAGE of notes for me regarding the progress of my paper. I wasn’t surprised, because I know how much a “hot- button topic” my paper is. Divorce is really trending in TODAY’S SOCIETY (lol, I just had to throw in a tired phrase from class) and I know that most people have an opinion on it.

Lindsay advised me:

1. to stop being so “black and white” with my paper and to focus on “gray” areas. That means that I wrote “we” and “everybody” many times in my paper and Lindsay explained that I excluded the people who don’t follow the mainstream. I don’t want to exclude people so I’m working on fixing my essay to reflect words like “majority” and “many” in place of all my previous statements.

2. to show some concession to my readers! Lindsay postulated that I argued my point so fiercely that I alienated many of my readers who may not agree with me. I, in no way want to be disrespectful to anyone. My paper is not intended to place blame on people, but to explain why marriage so often fails. My goal to rectify this problem is to change the thesis of my paper (and a few other spots as well) to clearly state that my objective is to provide a general solution. I’m working to advocate marriage literacy, if you will. There’s definitely a long way to go on revising my thesis, but I quickly hammered out this additional sentence to my paper:

“It seems more appropriate to identify the culprit of the high divorce rates in America as an alteration to accepted societal standards, drastic transformations in the economy, and individual circumstances. It is imperative that Americans are well informed as to their positions on matters of society, economics, and their individual circumstances before they get married to help reduce the divorce rate.”

I feel like adjusting my current essay will prove to enhance my final copy of Divorce: An American Tradition.

Good luck everyone!

❤ Siarra


2 thoughts on “Conference with Lindsay Yesterday

  1. It sounds like your conversation (conference) was not nearly so bad as you expected. I like what your are writing. As you say, it is a hot topic and this will tend to polarize your audience. Some are going to love your work, some will no doubt hate it. I think that it is good to voice it, as too often in our society we avoid talking of unpleasant topics.
    It was a pleasure to meet your Dad. How wonderful to have a father/daughter date.

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