What do you mean my paper needs to be finished already?

So, it’s week 7 out of our 8 week class. We only have about 2 more classes left before we stop meeting together and have our 1 on 1s with Lindsay… And the paper was due early last week.


I feel stuck and like I’ve been repeating myself. This is my little brainstorm/ no judgement zone.

Ouch, My freaking head hurts so bad. I hate having migraines and then trying to write. I hate the bright lights on the screen. I want to go back on vacation… Brad Paisley was amazing. And divorces. Think divorces. God, I love my marriage to Jesse.

Think divorces. Divorce. Babies are sad because of divorces. Think divorces. Serious time now, Siarra. Okay, okay brain stop hurting. Divorces. Let’s see.

In the 1950s, only 33% of women with children under age 6 worked. Period. And now, over 66% of women with children under six are working. That’s from the DVD in Sociology class. I have Soc soon.

And the DVD stated that changes in the economy are the number one reason for changes in the family. There’s a big correlation to women working and divorces. But it’s not bad that women are working. Equality is a good thing when it’s true equality. When people don’t try to assert their independence over their spouse. That’s real equality.

Now, back to economic changes and its contribution to the divorce rates… Chapter 8. I need to read chap 8 for Soc within the next hour. I have an hour to finish my paper. I can do this.

Now I’m rambling. Back to the economy. Economy and divorce correlations. There’s a study by Stacey Rogers on the correlation between wive’s financial contributions and divorce rates… Equality= less divorces. Real equality.

1950s wasn’t equal. Women did whatever their husbands wanted. Now, women work and can be independent if they want. Some women want to be alone. Some women was to be equal partners. I want to be an equal partner to my husband.

Children are expensive. They don’t work on farms and aren’t useful in terms of the economy. I don’t want my baby working before age 18. That’s different that it used to be. Babies can feed chickens. I don’t have a farm. People don’t really have farms anymore.

A change in the economy is the more expensive nature of babies. Hospital births are expensive. Babies need a lot of diapers. Thank God we don’t have a baby. I am a student for goodness sake. The money aspect of having children would be stressful.

Come on Siarra, keep thinking about the evolving definition of marriage- or de-evolving?- version of marriage now… How has the economy affected it?

The economy has affected divorce rates because when a man gets divorced his economic gain rises about 42% according to the article from the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture.

Rant done. Don’t judge my crazy brain please. 🙂


3 thoughts on “What do you mean my paper needs to be finished already?

    1. There’s just a bunch of craziness to sort out at this point. I have a lead, an intro, and 2 main points finished. My last bit to do is write 2 pages on my final main point and about half a page (or more preferably) for my conclusion. Thanks tho! ❤ Siarra

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