What’s with all the quotes?

In class today we read another student’s paper and critiqued it for them. Ashley only had a few minutes to read my paper, and we only made it to page two, but she noticed that I used a lot of quotes. I grafted quotes into my paper, so my personal words were still the bulk of my paper, however, Ashley noted that I said Zabriskie’s word “cherish” five times in a matter of about three sentences. Her suggestion was to eliminate three or so of the “cherished” bits of my paper.

Besides my excessive quotes, Ashley maintained that I did a nice job of holding on to my voice throughout my first two pages. ๐Ÿ™‚


9 thoughts on “What’s with all the quotes?

  1. Great job with getting your paper done, Siarra! I knew you could do it! This comment of mine will address your “What’s with all the quotes?” post, as well as the subject you are currently writing about. To start, are you sure that you want to only use the grafting method in integrating your sources? I personally found that sandwiching was my preferred method of using others information, though I do try to use other methods to keep the paper varied and fresh. Moving on to your topic, well, THE topic of divorce, I can usually only think of one thing. Putting the extreme situations aside, such as abuse, I have the foolish hope that, like this picture, http://i.imgur.com/TtvPh.jpg, if there was love for each other sometime, couldn’t that love be restored? And if not, couldn’t a new love be formed? Promising yourself to a single person sounds a little too focused to me. Are you promising to love the person who is at the alter at that moment, or every person they will become and change into over the years? I don’t see marriage, or falling into any relationship, as a commitment to a single person, but the promise to stay open minded and supportive as you both go on life’s journey. It frustrates me to no end to see relationships end because the person does not ‘recognize’ who the other became. This, to me, is something I notice a lot in divorce situations (yes, even those in movies and on tv). Ugh. I feel like I’m ranting now, so I’ll stop. Have you read any statistics as to the larger reasons why people get divorce, such as unsolvable issues, etc?

    Word Count – 287

  2. Thanks for all the support, Amy! But I have a secret. I got about 7 pages into my paper and that’s where I sit currently. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    In response to your thoughts about grafting, I don’t plan to ONLY use the grafting quote method. I think that all my grafted quotes were reason why it looked like I had a ton of quotes on the pages that Ashley read. I wrote sentences and then incorporated a few words at a time from the original author. After a paragraph of little words here and there from the original source, it seemed like a lot of quotes, even though it was mostly paraphrasing. I like the sandwiching method the best, too.
    Now, I agree with you about marriage needing to evolve as the couple evolves (as a couple and individually). Also, I have found a lot of information on why a lot of couples get divorced. It seems to me that the economy, individual circumstances, and societal standards play the largest roles in divorce. As far as stats go, I don’t know any on the top of my head regarding how many couples divorce for which of the three reasons. If any studies had been done on that subject, I don’t think they would have much validity anyway.
    But I like where your mind is going.
    โค Siarra

  3. I think critiquing someone would be very difficult and uncomfortable because You’re telling someone what’s wrong with their paper. They would either take offense or take it with grace and understand because they know that you are helping them. But it’s great that you have your voice in yor paper!!! : D

    1. Lets keep in mind that this class is for positive critique… And there are ways to say things…. We r all in the same boat ! ๐Ÿ™‚
      If u just focus in the format of the paper its easier ?… I hope !

      1. It is awkward critiquing another person’s hard work!
        We were supposed to be critiquing for voice specifically, but I found it less challenging to edit for grammatical errors. I, thank God, didn’t have any grammatical errors!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Siarra, i think the “too much quoting” is easy when u are stating word by word what ur source is saying. That happened to me too and what i did was paraphrase more…
    Im re-writing couple of ideas too! So try that it might help… Im almost done with my third review n will like ur input (i don’t get upset about positive critique ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    See u soon!

    1. Can’t wait to see you again. Thanks for the tip, Sil.
      I was afraid that you dropped our class because you’ve been gone for 3 already!!!!
      Miss you! โค Siarra

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