Paraphrase: Complexity of Communication within Families

We use language to communicate our thoughts, be it to convey fear or comfort. When we express ourselves to others, strong relationships are cultivated. When we talk to those closest to us, including our family, we are looking for acceptance and to be appreciated as our own individual. Sadly, often times we are met by harsh and personal judgments. And the worst part is, because we are close to the person, possibly even family, we remember all conversations with them, to which we draw further meaning.


8 thoughts on “Paraphrase: Complexity of Communication within Families

  1. To avoid direct judgments and being criticized too often we have to be clear in our communication skills with others, specially with the closest ones that we hope will treat us fairly, otherwise we feel that we are not understood. Our way of communicating with others should bring up friendships and relationships that see us how we are and value us as human beings.

  2. Siarra, I think you did a great job paraphrasing. I noticed you switched the creation of relationship with how we are affected by conversation. But the original text says we are comforted or hurt through talk, and you said we use language to communicate our fears or comfort. I feel there is a difference with the text saying we feel because of talk and you saying we communicate our feelings.

    Silvia, I really like how you interpreted what Siarra said into not being understood. The original text didn’t mention being understood, but I feel it implies it .I feel the original text really focused on the darker side of communication, and in the end, both of you created a text about being accepted and valued. It’s interesting how much a little change in wording can shift the focus of a paragraph.

    1. Thank you !
      As we saw in the TED Talk with Brenee Brown… we have fear of being vulnerable and try to present ourselves “strong and invincible” that is why in regards communications it is the same thing: we rather choose the argument of not being understood that the “dark side” of others not accepting us how we are.
      Just my point of view …

      1. I’ve thought about that for years. And I’ve always considered myself pretty good about being vulnerable. Until now, though, I thought it was a weakness of mine. Now, I’m realizing it’s okay to be the way I am. “I am enough.”
        ❤ Siarra

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