I Want to Interview YOU on the Topic of Marriage!

If you are married or divorced (or both!) or if you have an opinion on why people get divorced, let me know! I want to pick your brain! Just make sure to tell me which category(ies) you fall under!

Listed below are questions posed by my English 102 professor, Lindsay Christopher, to me on my “Ethnographic Research” strategies. It’s all just a fancy way of saying “Living Sources.”

Q: How could you use ethnographic research for your project?

A: I can use ethnographic research for my project by interviewing divorcees or even married people to gain insight into what their theories on marriage are.

Q: How can you use ethnographic research to “fill in the gaps” of your library research?

A: I can use stories of individuals to “fill in the gaps” of my library research by using personal accounts of marriage “gone wrong” or the opinions of real housewives.

Q: Which methods do you think you’ll pursue to gather more data?

A: I plan to use interviews and read encyclopedias to gather more data. I also plan on using field work, by recording my experiences with marriage and that of my married/ divorced friends.

Q: If some methods don’t seem appropriate, why not?

A: I don’t plan on using surveys because they would take too much time.

Q: How can becoming a researcher/ storyteller enrich your essay?

A: I think becoming a researcher/ storyteller can help to enrich my essay because it will breathe life into my words and research! People will feel the passion I have for successful marriages and hopefully I can make a change in the world.


4 thoughts on “I Want to Interview YOU on the Topic of Marriage!

  1. i’m not married yet and not divorced, but i have an opinion that’s for sure. i feel like it’s so easy these days to get a divorce and people don’t try near as much to make their marriage work. it’s become way more socially acceptable to get a divorce these days. i’ve always had this idea that maybe if it was more difficult in some way to get married, then people might value the marriage more. for example if couples were required, not just by their church or whatever, but by the law, to do some kind of couples counseling, that those who don’t value the relationship as much will forget it and give up. i also think that maybe if we changed the rules for getting a divorce then the high rate would drop. maybe have that same marriage counselor be available throughout the couples marriage or at least if they apply for divorce. yes, it would be different if there was an abuse issue or if it was somehow unsafe for the family or wife/husband.
    to give a little background info, im a child of a divorced home. i was 16 when my parents divorced, which was for the best since it was unsafe given that my father is an alcoholic. even so, i have seen the affects it has had on my younger sisters, who were about 10 and 7 at the time.
    i’m going to school for psychology so that’s probably why i suggest or relate to the counseling aspect. i also have been engaged twice, but i know for myself that divorce is not an option so i am doing my best to choose carefully. anyway, this is just my two cents. i’m really glad you’re doing this topic.

    1. I LOVE your idea of required counseling! And even more, I LOVE the idea of a continuation of the counselor!! Especially if the couple decides to get divorced, that idea of having the original counselor come back to talk things out sounds like a phenomenal idea. 🙂
      Thanks for you two cents!
      Also, I’m sorry to hear about the issues surrounding your parents’ divorce. I, too, came from a home where my parents separated when I was young (twice!!!) and it definitely changes one’s perspective. I am, however, happy to hear that you are studying psychology! There’s probably a connection to your interest and your past, eh?!
      Thanks again for your thoughts Rach!
      ❤ Siarra

  2. Siarra… once you read this, you will know who I am, and where I sit, so, if you have any further questions you would like to ask me in “living flesh” (person)… just let me know!!!! Anyways, yes, I am “married with children” (2 girls) and I have been for about seven years, and have been with my significant other for about 9 years. I got married when I was 24, and I’m ?? years old, now. I will tell you this, there were a small number of times when we probably could have divorced, but that is not the route to go…the best thing to do is let the situation cool down, and get your space…walk away and swallow your pride. I knew a couple who were married and they treated their marriage as if they were a dating couple…so, the first time they fought, she packed up and went to her mothers house and was listening to everyone else but her husband, and decided to get a divorce…so, they divorced, THEY WERE BOTH 19 AT THE TIME, and that was that. But here is the funny thing, one month after the divorce she decided that she did not really want a divorce, and asked him to marry her, and of course he said yes. My point is…if they would have let things cool down, and not have been so stuburn they would have never divorced in the first place…THEY DID NOT TAKE THERE MARRIAGE SERIOUSLY, so, take your marriag serious, and respect the vows you take, marriage is not a game. AJ$ 266 wds

    1. You’re 31? Haha. 🙂
      And 2 girls, eh? And a wife! So you’re the only guy in the household and out numbered! You poor son of a gun! 🙂
      I really appreciate your advice and the stories you shared here.
      I’m 19 and married and there are plenty of times when we get angry with each other. I really needed to hear your reminders.
      Thanks for sharing!
      ❤ Siarra

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